Welcome to Powerful Nia. My prayer is that this collection of works will empower, strengthen and remind us that we are more valuable than we can ever imagine.

The Powerful Nia series features Nia, a happy, friendly girl who knows who she is and loves herself. In My Body Is My Temple, Nia takes care of her health, is a good friend, and plans to protect herself in relationships both emotionally, and physically because, well, SHE’S DOPE.

An excellent book for girls from 8-10 years old, My Body is My Temple is a children’s book that empowers little ladies to be confident in themselves and to take care of their mental and physical health. As they mature, girls are faced with gossip, liking boys, boys liking them, peer pressure, and more. This book is the perfect companion as they encounter challenges during their everyday lives because it encourages them to always be powerful and confident in themselves, no matter what.

The next Nia book, That’s My Business, takes us through a conversation with Nia and her little siblings where she teaches them how to keep themselves safe from bullies and sexual predators.

Yes Please, No Thank You shows Nia taking her friends through politeness and etiquette training. Hold the door for the person behind you, wait until everyone gets their food before attacking your place, and greet people while walking. We are all humans sharing this earth. Let’s behave as such.

Nia SymbolThe Logo for Powerful Nia is an Adinkra Symbol called Duafe, or “wooden comb”. It is a symbol of beauty and other desirable feminine qualities like¬†goodness, love and care. It was chosen also because it looked like it would be big enough to get through Nia’s awesome hair!

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